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Benefits of honey

It can be considered the perfect food because, in addition to its delicious taste, its properties are not only nutritional but also medicinal.

Due to its components, honey is a type of hydrocarbon food.These foods consist of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen – elements thatsupply calories to the body, which are then converted into energy.

Its consumption has a positive impact on the heart, as it favours the production of organic phosphates, regulating the heart rate,andstimulates coronary flow. Likewise, in being rich in minerals and trace elements, it has an effect on rheumatic diseases; it stimulates hepatic metabolism, thus having a detox effecton the entire body as well as being exceptionally restorative.

Its healing and moisturising properties make it a top ingredient in skin creams and ointments. Diluted with warm milk, it is a great lotion to be applied to face and body; mixed with egg yolk and a few drops of almond oil ­for dry skin­ or lemon juice ­for oily skin­ it is an excellent cleansing mask and ithelps prevent wrinkles. Also,mixed withwatercress tea, it clears skin spots, and combined with glycerine and lemon juice, it helpsrelieve irritation and burns caused by sunstroke.

The combination of milk and lemon juice is also recommended for fever, taking several teaspoons throughout the day.

Thousand-flower honey. Produced by bees from the nectar of various flowers, from which its properties are obtained. In general, it is antimicrobial and antiseptic, ideal for preventing colds.


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